The way our project is started


A Cold Winter is a project born from the collaboration of two Italian musicians, from Trentino (Northern Italy), Alessandro Sester and Carlo Debortoli.

The idea of our project is started in 2019, after years of collaborations, we took up old ideas and new songs that had been set aside in a drawer and started working on them.

The future formula of the project does not foresee programs or deadlines, but individual releases, with the aim of tomorrow to collect them in a first official album. The philosophy of the duo is that of self-production, there are no live events in program, only one goal, to try to make good music.

Alessandro Sester

voice, guitar and digital instruments

I live in Levico Terme in Trentino, Italy. I have been playing the guitar since the late 90s, in those years that I trained musically by getting passionate and following the indie rock movement of those years, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins up to the more recent Sigur Ros and The National.

The most important musical experience was that of guitarist of the local Trentino band “Samle” in the period between 2000 and 2008, I had many satisfactions under the artistic and personal level: the concerts in Northern Italy, the various recording sessions at the Forum Music Village in Rome, trips to London, Tim tours, festivals, but above all, the engraved, created, played, recorded pieces that will always accompany my life.

I love to play acoustic guitar and clean sounds, in recent years I have enjoyed emerging folk bands such as Mumford & Sons and Band of Horses.

Carlo Debortoli

bass, keyboards and digital instruments

I study keyboard as a child but I soon break the key press and I think I would like more to slide the walls with low frequencies. In 2001 I bought my first 4-string bass and started studying as a self-taught. The curiosity and passion are joined by the lucky events that contribute a lot to my bass music training: I meet the luthier Marcello Nardelli of NardelliBass, from whom I learn the concepts of violin making applied to bass and, thanks to this friendship, in one of the first editions of EurobassDay I know Gianni Gadau, a bass player of well-known national fame with whom a beautiful friendship is born. Gianni, as well as Marcello for violin making, contributes fundamentally to my training as a bass player and musician, and he still does it today.Together with him, the BassDiscovery project was born, a networked space dedicated to the world of electric bass which in a short time has found the favor of many professionals. My most important project was the path taken with The Foot Rocker.